I do not hate You, God.
please understand.
You are OK, A-One,
the Very Best,
second to none I know,
great and beyond
my criticism so
I say Amen
to You and all Your good
I might be right about
Your indiscretion in
forgiving folks
gladly and shamelessly
upon the least
evidence of regret.
I think
You carry love too far.

By T.J. Carlisle, You! Jonah!

Indiscretion – I had to look up the meaning and it didn’t say much (to me). I proceeded to do what I normally do when I can’t quite get the meaning of a word after looking it up and often looking up the opposite of a word helps greatly. As such, I typed in ‘discretion’ in the site and the result is: ‘the power or right to decide or act according to one’s own judgment’. Bingo! Excuse my childish way of getting the meaning – now indiscretion is: ‘the power or right not to decide or not act according to one’s own judgment’.

What grabbed me the most about this masterpiece penned by a human that so beautifully illustrates God’s heart towards mankind is the last line ‘you carry love too far’. I came across this poem tucked in a study that I am doing called ‘Secrets Jesus shared, kingdom insights revealed through the parables by Jennifer K. Dean. I read it several times and all I could say was ‘whoa’. I was at a lost for words and so taken by the love of God not to act according to his righteousness compelled by love, so great a love because He so loved the world – world made up of humankind.

Hope you feel love today by the One who is constantly pursuing you. I sure do. It’s a love that won’t let us go!!!

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