So, So Proud…

Last Wednesday, I stood among a crowd of hundreds of people cheering my 8 year old boy on. He had ran several times for track but this time was just so much better because it was the final and he wanted a medal and he got one. There were too many children to number the kids who were on their mark, and getting ready, and set and went. Went they did for the finish line. It was just beautiful. I prayed for him because he’d been so nervous days before – I was more so. He got two medals and was proud and excited, for one because his daddy in the crowd and he wanted to show off for him.

It all started back in the not-so-beautiful days of March for practice twice a week and at times three. He enjoyed going to practice because he got to see many friends and ran around a beautiful field (Lindenhurst Middle School). I even got tempted to jog a few times there during practice. Time goes by so fast and I’ve had a blast during those past six months while being unemployed to be able to be a full time mom all day. I love it.

Well- here I am to present one of the winners among many other precious and cute little young ones.


Thanks for reading about one of the days in our journey.

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2 Responses to So, So Proud…

  1. Sheryl says:

    Hi, I found your blog on the siesta forum. What a beautiful boy you have. You must have been very proud of him. I’m sure your a proud mom even without the medals. I look forward to getting to know you. Stop by my blog for a visit and I’ll be back here again soon.-Sheryl

  2. Hi Sheryl-Thanks for the comment. You are absolutely right – proud with or without the medal.

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