No More School….for now

Today is the last day of school for Brandon until September 3rd. We were singing: what time it is – it’s summertime – it’s celebration (From the H.S. Musical). I have never seen the movie but hearing the song so many times in the background had left its notes in my head.

My 8 year moves up to 4th grade. Like other moms, I thought about him being so little not too long ago and now 4th grade. Wow.

Congrats babe!!!

He’s one happy camper and his first question was ‘can I go to bed @ midnight now that school is out?’

Earlier this week, I asked how school was going -he responded ‘the teacher let us do whatever we want except jumping out of the window’. I laughed and thought to myself – wise teacher. His classroom in on the second floor, was he really thinking of jumping out for fun? I can see it being tempting because the view from the classroom is the playground.

Did he want to get there much faster? Well – when I asked for more clarification, he said three other kids along with him thought he’d be fun. We talked about it a bit more.

On a different note…

First day of work for me Monday after 6 long months since getting laid off from my last job. I could not have asked a much better gift than to have spent 6 months with my son experiencing walking him to the bus top and afternoon pickup, taking him to track practices and meets, afternoon at the mall, play dates, movies, library trips, etc.

Lord – thank you. You had it all planned out.

I have always worked full time before and after his birth and never had the joy of being the kind of mom I dreamed of. The Lord granted me the privilege all the while taking care of me financially. I have really come to know Him as my Jehovah Jireh. I can’t wait to see you what You will do next.

Thank you Jesus!

Thank you again. I can’t imagine life without You.

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One Response to No More School….for now

  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Brandon.Today is your special day.For you and your mom may the Lord bless you and protect you.I’m proud to be your friend and part of your family. My friendship to you is love that comes with a lifetime guarantee.Happy Birthday sweetheart.

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