A glorious weekend

I have been so excited all last week anticipating the woman’s conference @ Brooklyn Tabernacle. And I was not disappointed. I went straight after work and was among the few people who arrived quite early to see Kay Arthur. The message was amazing. She was there with two of her four grand-daughters and she told of her visit to China town and how ‘nasty’ is the area referring to comments made – oh and she even got proposed to in China town.

Very often messages are about us, our happiness, and all the biblical principles that we can get out God’s word for ourselves. This message was about America that is on the brink of collapsing and how we need to make NO MORE EXCUSES, ARISE. That was the title of the message.

It was a hard message. But one that I needed and I have a feeling a lot of the other women there as well by their reaction. Anyone who has had the privilege of seeing (either via TV or in person) Kay knows she likes to dramatize her message in a way to make it memorable. We all gasped when she stumbled on the stage to show us how ‘Truth has stumbled in the street and uprightness cannot enter’, according to the prophet Isaiah. Because America does not want to know absolute truth but there are warnings for a country that sins against God and we are witnessing the signs of judgment.

America has sinned greatly and our days are very similar to the time of Judges which was one of the darkest time periods in Israel’s history. There were these cycles of sin in the day of Judges – a generation that did not know the Lord, they followed this pattern:

Apathy—–Apostasy ——Anarchy

And the people did according to what was right in their eyes. And this is our country today. It’s war and there is no retirement in the time of war. We are to make no more excuses and arise like Deborah and Jael did in days of Judges and bring truth. We have the truth of God’s word and people need to be warned.

To awake, we need a weapon. The weapon is the word of God.

Oh I waited at the end to meet her and we hugged and I had a chance to talk with her for about 5 minutes and words did come out of my mouth. The next morning I ran into her as she was getting off the elevator and we took a picture. Quality not so good because I misplaced my digital camera and had to get a disposable one and being it was indoor – totally did not help.

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3 Responses to A glorious weekend

  1. Sheryl says:

    Great words, and she is so right! America does not want to hear truth. Honestly not many people do if it means change. So glad you were able to go.Love, love, love your picture that you’ve posted of yourself. You’re as beautiful on the outide as on the inside. Your face radiates!!-Sheryl

  2. UL Cards Fan says:

    Hi Myriam, I came to check out your “radiance” after Sheryl talked about you last night in the Siestas for Him chat room. I am the one she refers to as the OLD SLOW TYPIST. Anyway, your picture is beautiful but your words are what really shine God’s light. Hope to chat with you again soon. LINDA

  3. SharonB says:

    I so wanted to see Kay in NYC, but left for vacation the day before. She always has a powerful message and speaks truth. I am always challenged by her. Thank you for visiting my blog!

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