Sweet memory

A few days ago, I was going through boxes of books looking for a specific book called by Andy Stanley called Visioneering. It is such an excellent book written by a gifted writer and communicator.

As an aside, I do not like shopping that includes any kind of shopping or anything that involves waiting on long lines. My definition of a long line is having more than 4 people ahead of me. There have been times I was ready to purchase something and a quick look at the line – put it back and left. But not so with bookstores – I act like a child in a candy store. I can spend hours in bookstores especially Christians bookstores. I was excited to be going through my books and wanted to take so many old ones out to read again. I tried to stay focus on one book that I was looking for. But I came across something and I had to make an exception. It was my journal from 2004-2005.

In my journal was an entry with date of April 29, 2005. I recorded an event that took place
on board a Frontier Airlines on my way to Colorado Springs from Atlanta. Sitting next to me some 30,000 feet in the air was a gentleman whom God will change forever. I was sitting by the window, this nice man (I have his full name written down) whom I will refer to by his first name – Daniel. He was in the middle seat. I opened my Bible and started reading. The gentleman in the aisle seat asked me if I was a Christian and he proceeded to tell me he was a pastor from Australia and we proceeded to talk and more talk on and on.

Naturally, I am a very reserved and quiet person and I don’t usually start talking with strangers but this time was different. We talked and talked about God, Christ, the Bible, what God has done in our lives and on and on. All the while this was going on, Daniel was sitting right in the middle of us and kindly listening and perhaps wondering when we would stop. As God would have it, we both started asking him about his religious belief and whether he had a relationship with the Lord.

Before departing the plane, we had led him to Christ. I just got so excited reading about it again. That was exactly 3 years and 3 months ago. I was so happy for him then and still am years later. Sadly I had forgotten all about this encounter. I have both his home and cell numbers written in my journal. In my excitement, I picked up the phone to call him to see where he was in his walk with the Lord.

What was I thinking?

To my surprise, both phone numbers are still good and both calls went to voice mail. During my second call- I started thinking how weird I would sound on the other line. What exactly was I going to say to Daniel? I would have said something along the lines:

Remember me, we met on a flight to Colorado Springs 3 years ago?

Would I hear ‘click’ and a dial tone? I don’t know.

Oh how I pray that he followed on his commitment to be one of the Lord’s chosen. I hope and pray that he’s walking closely with his heavenly Father. I hope to meet Daniel in heaven some day and hear all about his pilgrimage towards home.

It’s fascinating to see how journaling can take you back to memory-land. I actually went back and experienced many other intimate conversations written down just between me and my Lord.

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3 Responses to Sweet memory

  1. R.L.Scovens says:

    Wow! What a moment! I’m glad you came across the journal. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the miracles God has performed in our lives.So, did you leave a message? Did you get to talk to Daniel?

  2. Hi Rachel-Unfortunately I didn’t leave him a message because I started thinking how weird I would sound. Perhaps I should have but didn’t really know what to say. Hope to run into him on Grace Street and Mercy Blvd on the pavements of heaven.God bless!God bless!Myriam

  3. Laura says:

    Hi my name is laura. I saw your blog on the siesta blog and i just had to send you a quick note.Your realness is so wonderful. Your love for Christ is so evident. Take care Laura

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