Hope of God’s calling

I love Kay Arthur and truly grateful for her in-depth studies. If I know a thing or two from the Bible – I owe her for answering the call to teaching God’s word faithfully. My DVR is set to record all her lessons and I play them in the morning as I get ready for work. She usually teaches an entire book of the Bible because she believes that God gave us 66 books and we are to study and know all of them. I am very excited to yet again study along – this time it’s the book of Isaiah. Excited because I have not read the book of Isaiah in its entirety and it is the perfect opportunity to study it with none other than the beloved Bible teacher – Kay Arthur.

She started with the questions below:

• Beloved, do you long for true joy in your life?
• Do you feel like your life has no value – that you are just a number?
• Do you believe the darkness of your past – your sins, your failures, even your shortcomings – have made you useless to God? Unredeemable?
• Maybe you are a believer who has been convinced by the enemy that you could never really serve God. You believe you are ungifted and too untalented to possibly be needed in the church.
• Just as the author of Ephesians prayed, I am praying for you that God will open the eyes of your heart so that you “may know what is the hope of His calling” on your life.

Sadly, I answered all of them in the affirmative. To some extent, I’ve believed each and every statement. It’s one thing to know the Word of God and another to actually believing and acting upon that truth. God has been teaching me to live out what I believe and not to rely on my feelings, situations, and circumstances. I have taken back the territory the enemy has been used to make me a captive. Another book that has been instrumental is Praying God’s Word by Beth Moore. In her words, I want to make my liberty in Christ a reality in life.

Praise you Lord that it’s for freedom that You have set free.

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2 Responses to Hope of God’s calling

  1. iteachpe2 says:

    Ok-I just finished reading your siesta spotlight. How beautiful! I was crying. We haven’t met but hope too soon in the chat room. I wanted to post here so you would get the message. I am going to bookmark your blog. Melissa (iteachpe2)

  2. Sheryl says:

    Oh Myriam, well done again! Isaiah is my favorite book of the Bible. (are we allowed to have favorites?) You said God has been teaching you to live out what you believe and not to rely on your feeling and circumstaces. Oh boy, do I hear you there. What good does it do us to believe it if we don’t act on it. God has something big in store for you – I feel it.Love to you-Sheryl

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