Spreading Some More Blog Love

I was tagged by precious Alicia @ Confessions of a Snowflake and she is very kind and always has a word of encouragement to share. Her blog is truly authentic and inspirational. Alicia – thanks again.

I am asked to share 7 things you may not know about me. Here I go:

1. I speak more than one language. I can read and write French and also speak Creole. I came to the US when I was 16 years old. Needless to day, it was a total culture shock as a newbie from the Caribbean. I’ve adjusted somewhat after close to 20 years but would like to believe that I am old fashion kind of a girl.

2. I am the only girl of 6 children but I do have a half sister.

3. I grew up Catholic and was an altar girl for years. Back then – my school required that we all attend mass every Sunday and it was counted as part of school attendance.

4. I can eat a 16 oz jar of peanut butter in 2 days. I haven’t done that lately because you know what could happen if I keep it up. I like the Skippy crunchy kind and it’s even better with a glass of OJ or cold lemonade. I try not to buy it because truly I do not have the willpower to walk pass peanut butter and not eat it. To help alleviate the addiction, I buy the one I do not like for the family.

5. After graduating college in 1997, I went for a Microsoft Certificate program and had to learn all aspects of this indispensable machine called a ‘computer’. I brought all the required parts and put a computer together from scratch. I used it for years prior to replacing it. I just might do that again considering parts are much cheaper now. I just upgraded the memory on my laptop and I can’t believe how cheap it was – from eBay of course. I will embark on that mission to put another one together for my son who’s been asking for a computer of his own lately.

6. My middle name is Francesca which I chose after watching the movie (The Bridges of Madison County). I officially added it as part of my name in 1996. But the main reason I chose it is because my first boyfriend which I believe was my soul mate died in a car accident – and his name was Frantz – a memorial to him. He is one of a very, very few people that I know loved me beyond the shadow of a doubt. I will forever remember him. I can’t wait to see Jesus face to face and he comes second.

7. I was a straight A student all the way through my junior year in college. I have no idea what happened. Perhaps, it was because I realized that I didn’t want to become a doctor after all. Growing up, everyone thought I ought to be one – so I never gave a second thought as to what I wanted to study. My undergrad major was Biology and in my junior year, I had a wake-up call that I was fulfilling other people’s dreams and their expectations of me and not my own. Years later- full of grey hair – I am still trying to figure out who I want to be. I am getting there slowly but surely.

I now pass on the baton to 7 other bloggers that I have enjoyed getting to know. A few of them I have recently met. Please feel free to join in or if you are pressed for time – I truly understand.

Ms. China @ A Free Spirit Butterfly

Br. Wilson @ Halleluhah

Toia @ Designer’s Original

Kim @ Grafted By Grace

Stacye @ Standing Able

SLC @ Perspective

Thanks for playing along

God bless.

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8 Responses to Spreading Some More Blog Love

  1. That was fun! I learned so much about you. I didn’t realize you were from the Caribbean. I can’t imagine the culture shock. I love the name Francesca. What a beautiful tribute!

  2. Sheryl says:

    There were some things that I actually did not know about you. How fun. But I must admit, if you could have seen my face when you said that you drink oj or lemonade with your peanut butter – DISGUSTING!!I just love how many blogging friends you are making and I’m so glad that others are getting to know what an amazing person you are.

  3. Ok Sheryl – I was laughing at the peanut butter comment – you should really try it. LOL.

  4. Deanna says:

    how neat! so glad to get to know ya better!#4 had me cracking up! and what a sweet tribute to the memory of your passed boyfriend! ….”When We All Get To Heaven, What a Day of Rejoicing That Will Be” (one of my favorite ‘fun’ hymns. Blessings to you sweet sister :O)

  5. I love that you gave yourself a middle name. You know that’s my all time favorite movie too. I so felt her pain when Clint Eastwood left (twice).You are too funny w/the peanut butter. Uh, OJ and lemonade (gross) Sorry…I posted 10 things you don’t know about me on February 26th. Thanks for including me. If you missed it, see if you know me any better. (smile)I’m glad that you came to the Big Apple, joined blogspot and connected with me. You’re stuck sister!Love you and miss you!ChinaPS How sweet to have someone love you like that. Saying I love you is so very easy, meaning it with every fiber of your being is totally different and very rare!

  6. HALLELUJAH says:

    Sister Myriam,Thank You for allowing us to peak into your history, very interesting. :-)I am a devoted husband of nearly 25 years as of this November 3rd and LOVE serving the LORD.May the LORD Bless you in all your HEART DESIRES.Brother WilsonGOD Bless~~~

  7. Deanna says:

    Hello beautiful friend! thanks so much for a sweet comment over at my blog.I have a little note that I needed to send to the ones who left a comment on that specific blog post :O) it is as follows:Dear friend,I gave an update to the post you last commented on at my blogsite. When you find a moment, please read it.With Love,Deanna @ http://www.insidedeannasdiary.blogspot.com

  8. SLC says:

    Myriam,Thank you so much. I am truly honored.Peanut butter and lemonade. Unique.Thanks again.SLC

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