Journey Thru The Psalms ….Ps. 2

THE first Psalm that is ascribed to King David and it is what is called a Messianic Psalm.  While the people of Psalm 1 treasures God’s law it is quite a contrast in Psalm 2, the people has complete disregard for the law.  Not much has changed from the days of David until now. Psalm 2 is referenced at least 15 times in the New Testament.  Interestingly, the Jews wanted a king to rule over them just like the other nations.   Initially, God was their Ruler – a form of government referred to as ‘Theocracy’ but they asked for a king that they could see.   As a result, God appointed them a king and with that request they were forewarned of what could potentially happen.  Centuries later, there was this statement from David:

The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD and his anointed…” ver 2.
WHAT they really were after was the absence of any form of government or shall we say ‘anarchy’ – no supreme power to govern them.  Humanity has been trying to be free from God’s ruleship over them starting with the tower of Babel, crucifixion of Christ, and through another battle yet to come – Armageddon.  And unfortunately, it has been an exercise in futility.  David records them saying:

“Let us burst their bonds asunder, and cast their cords from us.”

THEY are defiant against God and His Son, the Anointed One who is the ultimate King and who will rule over all the nations.  The nations still rage today or I dare say even more rebellious towards God and His Son’s authority over mankind.  Still, God continues to speak to the nations in His mercy and extends salvation to all in spite of open rebellion against Him and His Holy One.  God has set Him as king of Kings and He sits in the heavenly Zion.

THE psalm records four different voices (Nations, Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit) with an appeal to serve the Lord with fear and trembling. That requires devotion, surrendered heart, and submission to the One in authority.  The bonds He has set are for our own good and the psalm concludes with a blessing that still stands “Blessed are all who take refuge in him”.

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3 Responses to Journey Thru The Psalms ….Ps. 2

  1. HALLELUJAH says:

    Very interesting, my spirit tells me you are learning of his truest love for us. Keep up the good work.Brother Wilson

  2. SLC says:

    I am looking forward to the next installment.SLC

  3. Hey there my beautiful sister in HIM! I'm rereading the Psalms and am currently in Psalm 23. It's actually my Church homework as well. I meditated on Psalm 18 for a very long time. WOW – How awesome is our GOD?I don't know who or what I'd be without Him and pray that every single heartbeat comes to know Him for the end is very near.Love and miss you!Have a great Sunday and be safe!

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