Book Review: Thirty-One Days of Power

The Enemy is after God’s children. It is echoed throughout scriptures to be on guard against him. Ruth Myers and her late husband put together pearls of scriptures to assist us in this war that we are engaged in.   For 31 days, the authors arrange prayers to arm and strengthen through scriptures to start each with praise and foundational truth that remind us of our position in Christ.  The enemy seeks to take us captives while Christ wants us to be free.  Ruth Meyers invite us to be prepared in the spiritual warfare that we are in – not against the flesh but against spiritual enemies. 

“These days of prayer and praise are designed to help you lift your soul to God with greater freedom to sense His presence and count on His power. I pray that this will fortify you to overcome Satan in new ways, both in your life and in the lives of others.” P7.  The days of evil are here and the enemy is furious as his time comes to the end prophesied in scriptures and now more than ever, we need to be ready to stand up to the attacks that are directing our ways.  We can only defeat him through the power of Christ.  The title of the book captured my attention.  For 31 days, I can steep myself in the Word with very relevant truths geared towards spiritual attacks.  When I turned to day 1, I was not disappointed.  31 Days of Power live up to its name.  It is impossible to read the days’ reading and not feel empowered to take on the day.  You will read the day’s reading. I proceed to read them out loud and even keep a list of scriptures to memorize from the reading.  It is an excellent devotional that you will not not want to start the day with.  It is not just for the 31 days – you will go back and do it over and over the following months.

The end of the book concludes with a section titled “The Dynamics of Spiritual Warfare” and it presents very informative information on the key characters that are for us and against us.  We cannot fight with someone we don’t know – as such she gives us pretty good intelligent data on our enemy but reminds us that more importantly that we are victors in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Read an excerpt:

“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group


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